The Classic Hits Winery Tour 2012

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The Classic Hits Winery Tour 2012 (3rd February – 3rd March)

This year’s tour started out at Matakana and visited 14 wineries around the country before finishing up at Villa Maria Estate in Auckland. Our recycling and clean up crew were provided by Spotless Facility Services and they did a great job.

Together we recycled over 131,000 glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans which would otherwise have gone to landfill.

As Campbell Smith Event Organiser and MC told the audience “We are in a beautiful location let’s keep it that way. Your bottles can’t recycle themselves! Please put your bottles and cans in the yellow recycling bins and put everything else in the general waste bins. Recycling is good for our environment, community and economy and all glass can be recycled".

Nicky Wagner, MP











Nicky Wagner, MP Christchurch Central recycling on a balmy evening at The Mud House
Winery in Waipara.