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Following Standards


In many businesses, especially in the food industry, it is important to keep the environment clean and free from any kind of pests that is why we can trust GoPest to help us with that. Of course, cleanliness is always maintained but we cannot help sometimes experience being pestered by cockroaches and rats for a lot of reasons.


This puts our reputation as a business establishment at risk with the clients and the sanitation authority of our town. So, before matters get worse, we have to take actions. However, we cannot just take any actions because there are a lot of things to consider to make it safe for everyone around. Especially with a food business, treatments should be examined carefully so that there will be no contamination of any sort.


We have to strictly follow standards and codes to keep everyone safe. This can help us not to be hasty with any treatment we think about using during the pest control. This can put everyone at ease that no operation would be interrupted. We only have to be obedient with the authority so no one would be harmed during the treatment and we leave it to the professionals to work for it.



Posted Tue 19 September 2017 by Lucas Ancher in misc